Ski resorts are many and snow conditions usually excellent. Try dog sledging or drive your own snowmobile - and for sure go hunting for the northern lights. We hereby represent two winter programs of ours - but like with our other programs we can tailormake winterprograms to suite you and the wishes you have:

TROMSØ - In search of the Northern Light

romsø – where your Arctic Adventure begins; a mere 2000 kilometers from the North Pole, Tromsø entertains visitors and inhabitants in this lively, warm and exotic city.

In Tromsø, the capital of Norway’s high north, you will be amazed by the active cultural life all year round, the Northern Lights, Polar Nights, Midnight Sun, by the exciting attractions and excursions and widely varying weather.

Tromsø boasts some of the highest levels of Northern Lights activity on earth, making it the perfect destination to spot the Aurora Borealis. For more information about the Northern Lights, please click here. No city in northern Scandinavia can provide such diverse selection of sights, attractions and activities as Tromsø.
In wintertime, rides in reindeer-driven sleighs, dog sledding, ice fishing and snow mobile trips followed by a traditional Sami meal in a lavvu or Sami tent will provide life-long memories. From the centre of Tromsø city, it is only a few hundred meters to the nearest cross-country skiing trails. The beautiful mountain areas in close proximity are perfect for ski trips of any length in the glimmering white and blue landscape.

Did you know that in our area you cannot see the Sun from middle of November until the end of January? In the middle of this period, the Sun is below the horizon 24 hours, even at its peak. The dark period is a phenomenon found only north of the northern Arctic Circle, and south of the southern Arctic Circle.

This does not mean that it is complete darkness. The short day holds a misty daylight, not unlike what one might experience just before sunrise or after sunset (twilight). This misty light in combination with the dramatic white landscape provides a magical atmosphere. The areas with dark time during the winter have a similar period of midnight Sun in the summer, when the Sun stays above the horizon 24 hours.

Come Enjoy an Arctic Adventure - In search of the Northern Light.

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KIRKENES - Try Kirkenes & great Winter Activities!

Kirkenes is situated between two time zones; Helsinki and Moscow. In Kirkenes, which lies in the municipality of Sør-Varanger, people speak Norwegian, Sami, Finnish and Russian. The small mining town has approximately 3,300 inhabitants.

The Russian czar, the Russian Revolution, Finnish immigration, and World War II made their permanent tracks here. Visit Sør-Varanger Museum and the Andersgrotta Cave to gain more information about the border region and its history. Sør-Varanger: The nature in Sør-Varanger will give you fantastic experiences. In the Pasvik Valley you will find one of the biggest remaining primeval forests in Norway. It is the only place where the brown bears reproduce regularly. The Øvre Pasvik National Park Centre is situated in Svanvik and will provide you with information about fauna and flora in the Pasvik Valley. Grense Jakobselv is as far east as you can get in Europe. Grense Jakobselv is a small abandoned settlement with the King Oscar II’s chapel. In the summer you might have the chance to watch Beluga-whales from the beach towards the Barents Sea. Bugøynes is where Finnish immigrants created their own vital necessity after years with summer frost in Finland. The main industry here today is kingcrab fishing. Neiden by the Finnish border was the place where the East-Sami were during the summer and also where they had their graves by the Russian Orthodox chapel. Here a Norwegian church was built, in stave church traditions, to mark Norwegian territory. You will also find an excellent salmon river in Neiden.

Activities in Kirkenes and Sør-Varanger: The area has a good infrastructure for visitors and there is a whole world of experiences awaiting you: Mountains, fjords, forests, lakes, northern lights in the winter time and the midnight sun between 15 May and 28 July. You can for example stay at Kirkenes Snow Hotel. Discover the region on different trips, such as on snow scooter safaris, boat trips, quad safaris, hiking and fishing tours, king crab safaris and dog sledging trips.

Come try the exciting activities of Kirkenes - Try Kirkenes and Winter Activities.


The Northern Light is here

Watch nature's own theatre unfold above you,
as the most spectacular light installation takes the stage:
The northern lights with you on the front row!

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UNESCO includes Norwegian fjords on World Heritage List

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The Magazine has ranked the Norwegian fjords as a top destination!

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